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Startup Tour: A Close Shave

This week, it was time for Remy of StartUp Britain to put his money where his mouth was with an enterprising student who wanted to start a hairdressing business...

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On Tuesday 6th November at Stow College in Glasgow, the team met student Madiyyah, 19. Talking excitedly about her new hairdressing venture, she decided to seize the opportunity we had provided her with and registered a .CO domain, deciding on the name ‘Whip My Hair’ for her project.

In a moment of giddy excitement, Remy offered to be Madiyyah’s first customer – providing she could find some scissors.

An hour later, Madiyyah returned, equipped with what can only be described as giant scissors – I’m talking sheep shearers – a comb, and a bottle of Evian.  Parking himself in a plastic chair situated in front of the bus, Remy proceeded to stuff StartUp Britain Bags beneath his collar in anticipation of the hair that was about to be removed from his head.

Surprisingly calm and collected, Madiyyah, who left her hairdressing studies to take A-Levels at Stow College, proceeded to tame Remy’s mane, and a great job she did – and while she was at it, crowds upon crowds of students jumped in to see what was going on.

Remy gets a hair cut

Cold, but with a greatly improved barnet, Remy left the college with a smile on his face – and a lighter wallet, having donated most of its contents to Whip My Hair.