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Martin Robbins Explains Why The Daily Mail Is The Scum Of New Media

FUCK YOU Daily Mail!!! Say it with me.



In a well-researched  yet hilarious 20-minute presentation at The Pod Delusion‘s third birthday, Martin Robbins (the Berkshire-based researcher and science writer from the Guardian) portrays the Daily Mail as the disingenuous, sensationalist, opportunistic rumour-factory that many of you may already suspect it to be. 

Robbins begins by looking at Daily Mail’s sinister approach to six-year old Suri Cruise about whom they have published over 824 stories under Editor Paul Dacre. Then he moves from the implicit sexualisation of young children to the Mail’s xenophobic and fearmongering approach to publishing.

He explains in vivid, foul-mouthed detail just how the Daily (ahem) Fail fosters an overwhelmingly negative view of the world, which can prove to be corrosive for its readers – of whom Robbins’ recently deceased grandfather was one – over the long term.

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