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Tricotage is one of many exciting labels you’ll find at Bid for Better; the Urban Times sustainable fashion event we are hosting on December 13th. This style conscious Danish label, set up during the Spring of 2012, was founded by design duo Karin Bjorneboe and Ida Schmidt. The label, which primarily uses organic cotton, focuses on creating beautiful everyday basics. Each piece is made using sustainable materials and manufactured using environmentally friendly processes as much as possible. Karin and Ida aim to make ecological design an easy choice for people, by providing a sustainable alternative to those everyday wardrobe staples.

Loose t-shirt, basic long sleeve t-shirt and t-shirt dress from Tricotage (Images: Tricotage)

100% of the cotton used in Trictoage garments is GOTS certified organic cotton sourced from the Turkish Aegean region.The certification ensures that all of the cotton is grown pesticide free and that during the processing of the raw material, sustainable methods are used and the workers are not under unnecessary harm whilst working with the crop. Karin and Ida make sure that ethically sound processes are used as much as possible during the production of their clothing. They also enforce a strict policy to protect their workers, assuring there is no use of child labour, all workers are paid a fair wage and are free to set up trade unions.

To find out more about the Bid for Better event, which will be host to 3 of Tricotage’s t-shirt, visit

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