Everyone talks about liberty as a right. As a privilege. Few mention the logic behind it and the utility that underpins it. The method to the consensual madness lies obscured, the key word being 'lies'. This short video cuts through all the malarkey, all the baloney, going back to basics.

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Liberty is a great idea. It has set millions of individuals free over the millennia.

It is also a process. It takes great effort to be applied, working only when it is pursued.

Its effect is empowering and inclusive. Those who have something to offer are given the opportunity to do so, enriching the field. Those who do not are welcome to learn.

Consider it the key that unlocks potential. A catalyst to progress and development, ingenuity and accomplishment.

Everyone talks about it as a right and privilege. Few mention the logic behind it, the utility that underpins it, the wisdom that permeates it.

This short video breaks the mire. It makes a good case for the cause of liberty on the grounds of logic and fact. The method to the madness is revealed by cutting through the malarkey and looking at the basic principles. The merits of being free are traced and pinpointed compellingly, not on a theoretical basis but on a functional one. Because liberty is, above all, a function. A sapient application that garners plenty of users, rendering the present different from the past, laying out an interesting future.

Eyes open, mind sharp.