Barack Obama has won the 2012 Presidential election. Initially the announcement came from the Obama campaign’s Twitter feed – speaking volumes about the power of social media during the entirety of this campaign. This was very reliable information as you can count on the fact the ‘cautiously optimistic’ Commander in Chief won’t be calling it lightly. And then confirmations from the Huffington Post and other citizen journalism platforms, and finally from the major networks (from CNN to Fox) as they finally had the confidence to put it in writing.

Romney’s campaign however, as of the time of writing, is still looking closely at the numbers and is not conceding as of yet.

Nonetheless, we’re still confident we won’t be eating our hat.



The questions that remain are many.

Does Barack Obama just get electoral college votes ranging in the 280′s or does he win 300+ Electoral votes – an effective landslide?

As we may not know the final popular vote numbers for days, what will that show and mean for the Republican Party mandate?

What, at the core, has driven the Obama win?

Over the mid-term, will the Republican party try harder to work with Democrats for compromise?

Will the Republicans face a major rebranding after this result?

How will the people partner with their government during an ongoing financial slump?

What will the next four years look like?

We look forward to your thoughts in the comments below.