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Conflict Through the Camera Lens: A History of War Photography

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Remembrance day saw the launch of a groundbreaking exhibition at the Museum of Fine Art in Houston, Texas.

WAR/PHOTOGRAPHY: Images of Armed Conflict and its Aftermath brings together the work of over 280 photographers from 28 countries to chart the history of conflict from the Mexican-American War of the mid 1800′s to the present day.

A decade in the making, the exhibition doesn’t simply give a history of conflict but breaks images into the chronology of the progression of war; from instigation through the height of violence to the consequences and  victims.

Locating the exhibition in a fine art gallery explores the relationship between photography and war, and through the curatorial process places emphasis on the experience of war, analyzing the phenomenon of war and its impact. Some images are iconic, some are less so, but together they form an unprecedented exploration of the experience of armed conflict.

Following its run in Houston the exhibition will show in Los Angeles, DC and Brooklyn and is accompanied by an extensive catalogue containing interviews and essays by the curators, scholars and military historians.