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Comment Live at the 2012 Presidential Elections

Tonight is US Presidential Election Night and from 9:00 PM on Nov 6th, 2012 – that’s 2:00 AM GMT November 7th for those of us on the other side of the pond – you can watch, and live comment, as the results emerge.

The election will draw upwards of 100 million Americans casting their votes and as always, news outlets around the globe will do their best to provide coverage. We’ve decided to use the CBS livestream, below which will be live comments from our users.

Update @ at 2:47AM GMT: Changed stream from CBS to YouTube live stream

If you want to see the live stream in action, side-by-side with the live comment feed, and comment yourself, visit our homepage which for the night will be dedicated to the election.

What do the Pundits Say?

While media continues to expatiate the ‘neck-and-neck’ nature of this presidential race, political pundits at least are making predictions which clearly slant in favour of one candidate or the other.

Perhaps the most highly esteemed is Nate Silver from the New York Time who predicts in the FiveThirtyEight blog that the win will go to Obama with 313 votes. With rather less drastic emphasis Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball awards the win to the President with 290 votes – twenty over the 270 specified for a win.

On the other side, pundits from the more conservative side of the spectrum predict a win for Romney. Former Democrat Dick Morris in particular foresees Mitt Romney drawing a whopping 325 and George Will of the Washington Post, envisages 321 – making Silver’s Obama-favouritism appear tame in comparison.

Meanwhile, both the Washington Post and New York Times indicate that the definate votes that the candidates can rely on favour Obama (243) over Romney (206). Showing an unwillingness to show any certainty on who might come out ahead with the pivotsl “toss-up”states of which it deems there are 146, Real Clear Politics also places Obama slightly ahead (201 vs 291)

“Toss-Up” States

The majority of states are firmly Democrat or Republican and so this election, as with most is going to likely be determined by those states which are closest, known as battleground states. Were the majority of battlegrounds to swing the same way, you could comfortably call the election before all the results are in. According to the BBC, the ones to watch closely are:

  • Florida: Has 29 electoral college votes; polls close at 0100 GMT (2000 EST)
  • Ohio: Has 18 electoral college votes; polls close at 0030 GMT (1930 EST)
  • Virginia: Has 13 electoral college votes; polls close at 0000 GMT (1900 EST)
  • Wisconsin: Has 10 electoral college votes; polls close at 0200 GMT (2100 EST)
  • Colorado: Has nine electoral college votes; polls close at Colorado 0200 GMT (2100 EST)
  • Iowa: Has six electoral college votes, polls close at 0300 GMT (2200 EST)
  • New Hampshire: Has four electoral college votes, polls close at 0100 GMT (2000 EST)


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Get Involved

We want to know who you’re supporting. What you think of events as they unfold. What an America under second-term Obama or President Elect Romney might look like.

Leave your thoughts in the live comment stream as the action unrolls!