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Vladimir Umanets: Expression or Vandalism?

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It took a mere matter of minutes for a dozen or so strokes from the tip of Vladimir Umanets’ single black marker pen to cause shock and outrage across the art world. For the canvas in which the tip of that marker pen met, and subsequently used to scrawl the phrase ‘a potential piece of Yellowism‘ on, was none other than a multi-million pound Rothko ‘Seagram’ mural hung at the great temple of contemporary art, The Tate Modern, London.

Umanets was later arrested and charged for vandalism, yet he claims under his artistic manifesto, that he isn’t destroying the Rothko artwork but actually ‘enhancing’ it.

perspecTV reporter, Jono Namara, takes to the forecourt of the Tate Modern to probe and gauge the thoughts and feelings of international art lovers. Will anyone side with Umanets as an artist?