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#UrbanPixel | Philips for Breast Cancer Awareness

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THIS WEEK’S THEME: Illuminated Buildings

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM)

Building on its foundation of fighting breast cancer, Philips has announced the launch of a multi-year, global commitment to support Breast Cancer Awareness. The campaign aims to raise awareness, support research and inspire and educate women through a range of activities both internally and externally. Through a variety of efforts ranging from pink illuminations of international landmarks to free mammography testing and educational workshops, Philips is helping to raise awareness for early detection of breast cancer.

For years Philips Lighting has been supporting the cause by using the power and versatility of coloured LED light to illuminate global landmarks, highlighting the importance of early breast cancer detection. This year, throughout the month of October, Philips again draws on its expertise to light landmarks around the world.

To showcase the great work that Philips is doing to raise awareness during BCAM, we dedicate October’s #UrbanPixel to the pink illuminated buildings that our friends at Philips are lighting all around the world to raise awareness of the cause. Please submit images of any pink illuminated buildings you have for the follow-up #UrbanPixel article where we display your images. (N.B. Be sure to submit images of any illuminated buildings too because they will also be featured!)

Illumination of the National Science Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia // Source: Philips

Illumination of the Opera House, Paris, France // Source: Philips

Illumination of Novy Arbat Street, Moscow, Russia // Source: Philips

Illumination of the Bosphorus Bridge, Istanbul, Turkey // Source: Philips

Illumination of the Philips Global Headquarters, Amsterdam, The Netherlands // Source: Philips

Illumination of a Casino in Buenos Aires, Argentina // Source: Philips

Illumination of the C-Mine building, Genk, Belgium // Source: Philips

Illumination of the Montparnasse Tower in Paris, France // Source: Philips

Find out more about how Philips supports Breast Cancer Awareness here.

See Philips’ support of BCAM via their Pinterest board: Philips Supports #BCAM