Kickstarter, the self-described “funding platform for creative projects” is known primarily for an array of innovative, crowd-funded gadgets, software, and media projects from a variety of sources. The website uses an ‘all-or-nothing’ funding system, where anyone can set an investment goal, which they must reach to get any funding at all. Creators are also expected to offer rewards to those who choose to back a project, which could be anything from a ‘Thank You’ to a prototype device or pre-release software. And today, for the first time, Kickstarter opens it’s doors to UK based projects.

Since it’s launch in 2009, Kickstarter has given investments to the smallest of startups with clever and original ideas. Some projects never reach the goal required for the funding to be rewarded, but many surpass it and often raise millions of dollars. So which of these projects are the most highly funded of all time, and which are worth keeping an eye out for when they become publicly available? Many of these are video games, so as to assure a wide range of innovations, we’ll exclude them in this article. Here are the top 6 most funded hardware products ever to surface on the site.