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My submission for the #pinyourcity contest // Source:

Do you Love your City? #pinyourcity

As I mentioned in my post a couple of days ago, things are about to get (P)interesting for us city enthusiasts: the #pinyourcity contest.

So what is the Philips Livable Cities #pinyourcity contest?
Bringing together urban dwellers and city aficionados from across the world, the competition will crowdsource reasons why people find their cities “livable and lovable”. For some of us, it is a great chance to see where other cities are winning on a citizen level (and perhaps give each of us the kick necessary to go and visit the places we are intrigued about). For others, it is a chance to win some great prizes and who wouldn’t want that? (The winner receives a ‘Health and well-being pack’ [worth €1,000], the 3 runners-up bag themselves ‘Health and well-being packs’ [worth €500 each] and the 6 next runners-up win ‘Health and well-being products’ [worth €100 each])

My submission for the #pinyourcity contest // Source:

RELATED LINK: #pinyourcity Contest Board (be sure to repin / like my submission!)

I have been asked to sit on the panel of judges for the competition amongst other esteemed guests from Fast Company, It’s Nice That, We Heart, BMW Guggenheim Lab and more so I will be the Urban Times go-to guy for any questions or inspirational needs. Above is my submission image for the contest where I wanted to capture the speed and diversity of life in London, which is extremely important to my comfort levels, day-to-day life and respect for the city.

Team up with me on Pinterest by repinning some of my images to your board and be sure to send me tweets to: @charliehilton if you want me to check your board out. I’m here to help because I want an Urban Times reader to win! If you are still not sure how it works, below are some simple instructions and the #pinyourcity promo video to get your brain whirring:

How to Enter

1. Create a board with at least 2 pins (and no more than 10) – be sure to repin the #pinyourcity contest image within your board!
2. Tag #pinyourcity in the board name and pin descriptions
3. Submit your board via or @LivableCities on Twitter – if using Twitter, include “#pinyourcity” in your Tweet! [Source]