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Music On Monday: Jesse Boykins III - The Perfect Blues


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“The color blue is supernatural. It has the power to create a peaceful state and form bonds in any space. It allows for full spiritual bloom in unlikely places, it creates life from nothing. From my perspective the color blue represents space, time and the beauty found in a given moment.”

- Jesse Boykins III (on the song title and color blue)

“The Perfect Blues” is the first single and video release off the forthcoming album Zulu Guru – a  full-length collaborative album between singer/songwriter Jesse Boykins III and producer/emcee Melo-X, bringing together a new sound rooted in traditional soul music while dabbling with elements from multiple genres around the world, including Afro-Beat, West Indian, and Electronic Soul. Self-proclaimed leaders of “The Romantic Movement,” this new project aims to expand their message worldwide.

Zulu Guru will be released 5 November / 30 October (NA) 2012. “The Perfect Blues” video Directed by Dr Woo, written by Jesse Boykins III and produced by Gora Sou.

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