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Here's Why America Is NOT The Greatest Country In The World. Shocking, I Know.

We Love Jeff Daniels’ Explosive Opening Monologue in “The Newsroom”

If you’re like anyone in our office, then you will have fallen deeply and madly in love with ‘The Newsroom’;  the hit drama from the intimidatingly sharp mind of Aaron Sorkin - the man behind “The West Wing” and “The Social Network” – which debuted on HBO last June and shows us how news should (and shouldn’t) be done.

The following clip, a brilliantly cutting (not to mentioned statistically well-informed) monologue from the show’s lead anchor Will McAvoy (played by actor Jeff Daniels), kicks of the pilot episode with a bang… and a slap around the face to every jingoistic stars-and-stripes-loving patriot.

The seemingly nonchalant anchor is roused out of a stupor after a female college student, watching a panel discussion on which McAvoy speaks alongside a liberal and a conservative pundit, asks one inherently biased question:

“What makes America the greatest country in the world?”

His response is must-see viewing for every American and, for that matter, everyone else too.

Read the Transcipt here.

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