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After recently falling in love with the beautiful illustrations of student, Daisie Jo, Urban Times had the pleasure of welcoming Daisie to design a sustainable fashion series. The series sees her explore the realms of eco fashion through the medium of art. Her sketches have won her a scholarship to attend a prestigious fashion design academy in Cape Town, while also being commissioned by her local magazine to design an outfit for Lady Gaga, just for fun, to commemorate her tour to South Africa.

Daisie’s début series for Urban Times, was inspired by the idea of using what you’ve got.

I started by thinking if I had to make something eco friendly, what would I be able to do? So I thought bedding. It’s something we already have. You could even use your grandmas old crocheted table cloths or knitted blankets.’

An over-sized Oxford stitch pillowcase jumpsuit, with a plaid table cloth head-wrap, old patched up socks, second-hand cut-off wellies, a rock and wire ring, and jar bag.

A duvet coat, with dads old pants – side stitched to resize – and vintage brogues, with cactus in jar bag.

A freshly picked sunflower crown, sheets knotted to make a dress, vintage gloves, and shoes from a flea market.

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