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Smart Community Country Infographics: USA & Japan

Smart Community‘ is a new initiative from Toshiba aiming to integrate the management of a range of critically important themes: electricity, water, transportation and logistics, medicine, and information. As part of their marketing efforts to generate awareness for this solutions-driven campaign they have released two awesome video infographics to whet our appetite. Assuming there will be more to come, only USA and Japan have been targeted for analysis thus far and here are some of the interesting facts from each:

JAPAN: 84% of cars sold in Japan are environmentally-friendly models, 66% of the country is covered by trees, 4 out of 5 people are internet users and the country has the highest life expectancy rates in the world.

USA: A rate of food self sufficiency at 124%, a rate of energy self-sufficiency at 72%, 302 noble prize winners (larger than the other top four nations combined) and all of the 50 biggest grossing movies in box office are American.

Smart Community will provide comprehensive solutions encompassing energy, water, and medical systems in order to realize a good balance between environmental considerations and comfortable living.

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