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Image of Assange through doorway from Russia Today

Some voices ring loud, even if they’re being surpressed. It’s the observers of the world who can teach us the most valuable lessons about our society. Thankfully, they are persistent about being heard and understood, because of the importance of what’s at stake.

These three men need little introduction. Julian Assange has been accused of being a traitor by many countries, and yet the masses continue to watch (and even support) him as he stands against large state players who are determined to stop their hemorrhaging secrets caused by Wikileaks‘ actions. The important lessons that we’re learning are what Noam Chomsky and Tariq Ali have been fighting against their entire lives. Listen to this extraordinary conversation between these three heavy hitters as they talk about our changing world:

Conversations such as this won’t be heard in our mainstream media, but they are popping up on every street corner around the world. No matter how many elections continue to be pushed, there is an opposite push back from people who are finally brave enough to stand up against the forces that continue to oppress their dreams. The struggle to change the status quo has finally gained some traction, if the lack of definitive political results are any indication. How many elections can claim to be all-encompassing successes? Not many, when you listen to the voices on the streets. Even in new democratic movements in places such as Egypt, people are questioning the limitations to their choices. And it’s the same everywhere.

We’re all distinctly frustrated at what we can do to change our lot in life. Monetary pursuits are now being placed under a microscope because of scandals such as Libor, JP Morgan, and even the Euro crisis. If you watch the nightly news, then you get the feeling that nothing will improve. Perhaps it’s because we keep doing the same thing repeatedly, without learning the necessary lessons.

But as both Noam and Tariq tell us at the end of this conversation, we can’t expect any change if we do not become active in countering common wisdom. Knowledge is powerful when we actually learn enough to change our behavior, so that we can expect new outcomes.

As this quote (from NA) clearly reminds us:

 ”Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.”

Fortunately, many are not settling for repeating the same mistakes. All around the world, people are reminding one another that we don’t have to keep walking down the same path that leads in a circle. We need to get this message out so that more people choose to be different, and walk to the beat of a different and more humane drum.

There are so many different styles of music (a metaphor for life) being made. Why should we have to settle for only one drumbeat that dictates the way we live? And that’s the lesson that these three big voices are trying to teach us. We just need to get enough of us to listen and then do.

Credit: This video was found courtesy of Adbusters.