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Most of us are aware of global environmental issues and the need for our governments, local councils and communities to take action. But when it comes to everyday living, the task can get a little more challenging. With the pace of life today, it is often hard to find the time to really investigate which seafoods are the most sustainable, how to reduce your paper waste or which mascara brand is the most environmentally conscious. Luckily, much of the work has been done for us. Gems of wisdom have conveniently been embedded into apps, so that you literally have information at your fingertips. Here are 5 green living apps to get you started.

1. irecycle

irecycle is often referred to as the easiest and most accessible way to get plugged into local recycling opportunities. The app itself suggests more than 1 million ways to recycle, as well as providing the latest in ‘green news’. Even if you are already an avid recycler, there are a multitude of items you are probably unaware can be recycled, or indeed, how to recycle them in an eco friendly way. This app is one of the handiest resources around.

iRecycle App Logo

2. Good Guide

GoodGuide helps you find safe, ethical and sustainable products in store and on the go. It conveniently rates over 120,000 companies and products against health, environment and social performance. It has a barcode scanning element built in, so you can make environmentally sound and ethical decisions all the way to the check out counter. With so much information out there about organic makeup products, non-toxic cleaning agents and ethical business practice, GoodGuide creates a one stop educational shop.

3. EcoCharge

A common way we all waste energy is by leaving our electronic devices plugged in and charging, even when we don’t need to. Often we pop our iphones or laptops on the charger overnight or for hours on end in the office and in addition to being bad for the environment, it is also bad for your battery life. EcoCharge rings an alarm as soon as your device is fully charged so you can unplug it. As an added bonus, the screens also give you tips on how to lead a greener life. Such a simple concept with the power to make a huge difference.

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4. Paper Karma

If like most people, you get loads of junk mail you don’t want and know is contributing to paper waste, you need PaperKarma. It allows you to take photos of junk mail on your iphone and PaperKarma contacts the Mailer on your behalf and ensures you are removed from the list. The best thing about PaperKarma is that it is free!

5. Seafood Watch

Green App Seafood Watch is a creation of the renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium and is designed to make it easier to make smarter seafood choices. It helps you choose ocean friendly options at your favourite food spots and supermarkets and also provides information on how each item should be fished or farmed. The app is interactive and lets you add the names of restaurants and shops where you have found sustainable seafood.