“Germs are great and germs are fun and germs live inside everyone” – Dr. Jennifer Gardy

Last week Urban Times attended the Thinking Digital conference in Newcastle, UK.

One of the surprise highlights was a talk by Dr Jennifer Gardy of the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control who enlightened us with a hilarious and quirky expatiation on the current state of epidemiology. No joke, Dr Gardy let’s out peals of joyous laughter when describing such cooties as Chlamydia, Anthraz and Xylella. Quite the surreal 20 minutes.

Each of the conference attendees was giving a little blank notebook, and while this attendee didn’t even touch pen to paper, Dr Gardy turned hers into a hand-drawn educational masterpiece on the germs that she called the ‘A to Z of Epidemiology’, which I had the opportunity to glimpse over a beer in the closing pub session.

I was extremely pleased to see that Jennifer collaborated with two other speakers – animator and TV presenter extraordinaire Tom Scott (animating the video) and the wonderful musical talent Jessica Latshaw (rapping in the credits) – on the video below. Watch and be enchanted, or repulsed, by the A-Z in all its colourful animated glory. Children and adults alike remember to wash your hands!