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BBC News at 6pm now reports that Labour‘s total council seats have passed 800, with the Conservatives losing over 400.

[16:05 pm]

According to the Guardian’s live coverage, Labour are now confirmed to have won over 700 seats, a huge coup for Ed Milliband and his party.

In the mayoral elections, Boris’ lead seems firm. Another infographic from the Guardian highlights the difference in first place votes:

Mayoral first choice votes. source: guardian.co.uk

At this stage in the game, victory for Ken Livingstone is looking more and more unlikely.


[13:22 pm]

National Trends

Amongst the 3 main parties, Labour were the clear winners: the party gained around 500 seats, predicted to rise to 700 with all votes counted. This means that they now hold an estimated 39% of all local council seats, as the BBC reports.

The Conservative Party suffered heavy losses, losing at least 288 councillors to mostly Labour gains, and prompting an apology from David Cameron to those ousted from their seats.

Of the three, the Liberal Democrats came out worst, losing 133 councillors across the country in what has been described as a ‘coalition backlash’. Lib Dem losses have brought their total number of council seats below 3000 for the first time in two decades.

Minority Parties

Many minority parties saw strong showings: the UK Independence Party picked up an average of 13% of the vote in seats where it fielded candidates.

George Galloway’s Respect party won five seats in Bradford, one of which displaced Ian Greenwood, a Labour councillor who had held his seat for 17 years, and led the council since 2010.

Mayoral Elections

Mayoral Candidate Results as of 1pm. (source: http://www.londonelects.org.uk)

In the London mayoral elections, preliminary information puts Boris Johnson in the lead, with Ken Livingstone second, and Jenny Jones of the Green Party third.

(See the LondonElects.org results updated in realtime here)