“Sustainability 24 is the day when Accenture places business sustainability solidly on the global agenda, by advancing debate and discussion with clients, local government leaders and stakeholders around the world.”

Without knowledge sharing and debate, solutions can be hard to come by and that is something we hold dear to our hearts at Urban Times. With the right global thinkers and leaders activated on the most important issues, ideas can flourish and well-planned actions can lead us all down the right path. But how do we nurture the seedlings of debate and bring them to the masses? How do we open up the walled gardens of information that prove so asymmetric in the world we live in? Large, multi-national organisations is a good start.

Accenture’s ‘Sustainability 24′ is about to set the bar pretty high for like-minded companies. The “day of activity” will comprise of a live 12-hour broadcast marathon that is both interactive and free of charge. The broadcasts will occur across the world (from areas such as London, Johannesburg, New York, Singapore, Chicago and Rio de Janeiro) and will produce a range of rich content:

The highlight of the day of activity is a live twelve hour interactive online global broadcast connecting with in person events taking place in Rio, Singapore and London and with individual keynote speakers, panel discussions, live chats, webinars, industry-focused debates and question and answer sessions with guest speakers from around the world.

Whether urbanisation is your bag, or technology, business, (renewable) energy or energy access float your boat, there will be something in that twelve hour period to fulfil your thirst for world changing visions. The event promises innovative approaches, business and partnership advice and ideas to make Planet Earth a better place tomorrow.

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