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Earth Day is Today! April 22, 2012.

Each year concerns for economic, environmental, agricultural, and health of our planet and its inhabitants continues to grow. The impacts of our current ways of life are pervasive and potentially pose a threat to the viability of Earth.  Fortunately for us the problem solvers are abundant; they are you and me, plus everyone we know.

A combination of social media interactions, action within the community, and personal decisions are catalysts for exponential real time change. The Earth Day Network  has invited all citizens to participate in exciting events, news, activities, and endeavors to Mobilize the Earth in honor of Earth Day:

Scene from Your Foot Print Calculator Courtesy Earth Day.Org

Calculate Your Foot Print

The Earth Day Network Footprint Calculator is a nifty interactive tool giving you insight into your personal impact on the planet, just by living your life the way you do now. I thoroughly enjoyed donning orange spikey hair for my test run.

Campaign for Communities

Formerly known as the Global Day of Conversation, this is the hallmark of the Earth Day endeavor. This year’s aim is to involve leaders and elected officials in 2,000 communities around the world in discussions with citizens on the logistics of creating a green economy and sustainable future.

Image Courtesy EarthDay.Org

Mobilize U

College and University students around the world raise awareness on their campuses and take action on environmental issues between March 29 – April 29th 2012.

During the four week long competition, students mobilize their schools to engage in as many carbon footprint reducing “acts of green” as they can.

All acts will be counted toward the Earth Day Network’s Billion Acts of Green initiative, spanning a worldwide community of change agents.

A Billion Acts of Green

As the name suggests, this mobilization intitiative aims to record one billion acts of kindness before the June 2012 Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. People are encouraged to submit their act of green online, which will be included in a real time counter. The goal is to demonstrate to leaders participating in the Summit that one billion people around the world are willing to be counted as active participants in global change for a brighter future.

Thinking about what you could do to Mobilize your Green today?

Image Courtesy Les Carpenter at Rational Nation USA

Whether it is morning, noon, or evening as you read this in your part of the world, there are many things you can do to mobilize toward saving the planet. The following are additional ways to continue crafting our planet’s story of recovery while celebrating a beautiful Earth Day with friends and loved ones!

Online Conversations

Talk about it!

  • Get on Twitter and follow @UrbanTimes and @EarthDay2012.
  • Start your own Twitter Chat and invite your friends and followers! Urban Timesers exchanged ideas in a brilliant Twitter Chat #citytalk discussion on April 18th to promote cycling for greener cities.  Use the following hashtags to get the conversation moving: #EarthDay2012 #EarthDay and especially #mobilizetheearth.
  • Go to and also Like Earth Day Network on Facebook to get updates on what is going on today and how you can participate on Earth Day!
  • If you are a blogger, dedicate one post to what you are doing on Earth Day 2012! If applicable, update your Facebook status to reflect your actions for Earth Day. Don’t forget to include a link to our very own hub of forward thinking content, Urban Times! You may be using electricity for these discussions, so be judicious, and to the point!

Community Organization

Reach Out!

  • Put yourself on the map and plan an Earth Day Picnic for the Planet  for brunch or dinner – featuring raw, organic foods.
  • Find a bike route in your local area, invite your friends and family, and cycle for your health and the health of the planet.
  • Go to your local watering hole and talk up and/or review the days plans with your chums.

Personal Choices

Challenge Yourself!

  • Turn off your gadgets and see how long you can stand living with little to no electricity
  • Give your car a break and take up walking, running, or biking for the day.
  • Use less power and support suistainable agriculture by making an organic Raw Food Recipe for at least ONE meal
  • Eat no Red Meat Today to get your bovine emissions to zero

Try some of these ideas everyday!

Image Courtesy ImageEchos

The conversation is global. Join in TODAY and have fun while you Mobilize.