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Kara the Android Becomes Self-Aware

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A screenshot from the short.

The video below was unveiled on Wednesday by game developer Quantic Dream. The seven-minute short film depicts the assembling of an android named Kara, which becomes self-aware during the process. It is not a trailer for a new release, but rather a showcase of the company’s highly-sophisticated motion-capture technology.

The makers used over sixty motion-capture cameras and a sound-proof stage so that the movement, facial expressions and voice could all be shot together. The character movements and audio are perfectly synced together because of it. The result is an incredibly natural and realistic performance from actress Valorie Curry.

Director and writer David Cage has stated that the inspiration for the short was the books of Ray Kurzweil. He cites The Singularity is Near as a particular influence with its focus on the future emergence of artificial intelligence. As the video was shot last year, Cage claims that the technology has developed considerably since then, which will allow for even more awe-inspiring works in the future.

Warning: The video contains partial nudity and reference to adult themes.