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Why London Needs The Tideway Tunnel [UT Infographic]

London’s sewage problem is getting out of hand. The system which was invented during the late 19th century is now way over capacity, with as little as 2mm of rainfall causing overflows and spillages into the river. The scale of the problem is huge, and as the population of London grows, the problem is only going to get worse.

One proposed, but controversial, solution is to install a tunnel the width of three double decker buses, underneath the bed of the Thames and allow all of the sewage overflows to run 25KM downstream. Here it will meet up with the already under construction Lee Tunnel at Abbey Mills, from which it will be pumped to Beckton for treatment.

Opposition parties argue that the quality of life around construction sites will be greatly affected, however what they fail to realise is that if nothing is done about the problem, the habitats of thousands of species will become increasingly threatened. The Thames is the lifeblood of London and a clean Thames makes for a more prosperous city.

The infographic below, created by myself for Urban Times, sets out just how dire the situation is and why we need to act now.

Thames Tideway Tunnel Infographic

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