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Rohit Talwar on Extreme Longevity

Living Longer

This post is part of the Back to the Futurist Series. Using the brilliant ‘Power of Making‘ exhibition as inspiration for our conversation Rohit delved into a mind-boggling array of possibilities that may very well define the world of tomorrow.

In this video Rohit discusses how science is blowing open opportunities for artificial limbs, human augmentation, and living for a very long time. He addresses the dilemas of extreme longevity, such as the practicalities of an ageing population and how we might bridge the gap between a 150 year old and his ten year old great-great-great-great-great grandson.

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Who is Rohit Talwar?

Rohit is a global futurist and an award winning professional speaker noted for his inspirational approach, provocative content and humorous style. He is CEO of Fast Future Research, author ofDesigning Your Future – Key Trends, Challenges and Choices, edited Achieving Transformation and Renewal in Financial Services, and a regular contributor to books and journals on futures and strategic change. Rohit was profiled by the Independent as one of the top ten global future thinkers and is considered an authority on how technology is transforming businessand society.

Editors Prompt: Would you want to live to 200 Years?