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Urban Times is proud to present it’s online partnership with the IQ2 If Conference. We attended this outstanding two-day talk to find our minds fully blown by an array of leading innovators, thought-leaders and futurists. Plan ahead and get your 2012 If Conference tickets now.

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Jeremy Myerson

Director and Chair of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, Royal College of Art

Jeremy Myerson is the Director and Chair of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, Royal College of Art. Myerson was the founding editor of Design Week and also chairs the management board of Innovation RCA while being the author of several books on design, technology and architecture. One of his publcations includes: ‘New Demographics, New Workspace: Office Design for the Changing Workforce‘. He has led a number of international research projects exploring design for ageing, health, work and social change. In June 2011 Jeremy was named by Wired Magazine as one of Britain’s 100 most influential people in digital technology. In his talk at the If Conference Jeremy discusses:

The UK’s ageing society and, in particular, the rise of a new demographic of ‘Young Old, Young Olds’ (YoYos), are throwing up unprecedented challenges for designers. Ageing is as disruptive as adolescence: moving home, changes in health, confusion over new technology and sexual diseases all require design solutions.

The RCA’s ‘Age is not a condom’ campaign and Samsung’s mobile phone instruction manual, which makes the phone impossible to use until every page has been read, are examples of the innovative work already underway to meet these challenges.

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