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Image: Ben Gilbert/Geek Calendar

The Future of Space Exploration with Lewis Dartnell, Pt .1



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Lewis pondering the wonders of the universe (and fluffy toys). Image by Ben Gilbert/Geek Calendar

I was really excited to talk with Dr. Lewis Dartnell of University College London over Skype for Urban Times‘ first ever podcast.

Lewis is a leading astro-biologist and published author (Life in the Universe: A Beginner’s Guide, Astrobiology) currently studying the possibility of life beyond the Earth. This podcast, which focuses particularly on the issues related to exploration of the Moon and Mars, is the first part of what we hope will be a fascinating insight into our species’ future in space exploration.

Thanks to Sci&Tech author Jenny Winder for supplying an in-depth list of questions, that I hope to cover in the coming podcasts with Lewis.

Lewis Dartnell on Space Exploration by urbantimes

Editor’s Prompt:

“Space exploration is a waste of time and resources. We need to focus all our attention on fixing our planet first.” Your thoughts?