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#UrbanPixel - My City

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#UrbanPixel – A feature series on Urban Times that documents the issues and scenes of the urban landscape through photography. By visually representing an interesting topic, concern or element of our cities, we hope to create a catalogue of solutions-based content that treats the eye. We are encouraging participation from everyone! So if you feel you have the adequate photography and backstory, send us a tweet @theurbantimes, include the #UrbanPixel hashtag, and a link to the photo piece so we can re-tweet our favorites, and include them in future #UrbanPixel posts. (Alternatively one can email charlie[at]theurbn[dot]com with the photo and description for review).


Hey Urban Times readers, I’m Nick Ulivieri and I’m a photographer who calls Chicago home. After one of my images was featured in the Image of the Week series (Light Pollution over Chicago), Urban Times and I decided to get together and collaborate on a new feature that we’re calling #UrbanPixel. This blog will document issues, themes, and scenes of the urban landscape through photography. Along the way we’re going to encourage you to send us your photos related to the various urban topics discussed. We’ll re-tweet our favorites, and even post some of them in the #UrbanPixel series!

So, for the first #UrbanPixel post I’m going to keep the theme simple and tell you about my urban home – Chicago. Perched along the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago is the heart of America’s midwest. The third most populous city in America is known for its prominent architecture, world-class food, and the best basketball player ever – Michael Jordan.

I never take for granted the wealth of architectural history my city offers. In fact, it’s what inspired me to pick up a camera and become a photographer. From historic structures, to modern glass and steel skyscrapers, Chicago has left a lasting imprint on architecture all over the world – And that is what I love about my city.

So, UT readers, tweet a photo of your city to @theurbantimes, with the hashtag #UrbanPixel and tell us why you love it. We’ll do our best to get them posted for the rest of the world to see.

About the photo: I took this shot from Chicago’s Adler Planetarium facing Northwest. I arrived at this point at approximately 8:30 a.m. on a calm summer day in July to take advantage of the low sun. This photo was taken at 1/400 second, f/9, ISO 100, at a focal length of 18mm.

Source: Author's Own

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