Gone are the days when university students, graduates and young professionals were hungry to commence their careers and earn their first buck. In this infographic courtesy of Cisco’s Connected World technology reporters outline that there is evidence supporting a massive shift in young employee priority and demand. New core needs take the form of flexibility. Whether this is when work hours are to be completed, where work is to be done (i.e. at home or in the office), what sites you are allowed to visit or how much time you are allowed to allocate to updating your Facebook page.

In another recent infographic about the modern American worker, the average household income for the 99% is not growing and perhaps this adds to the credence of this new trend: comfort and pastimes are trumping monetary concerns. This is not all bad however, as in another infographic testing social media against education, it is seen that there are some tangible pros that can come from the integration of social media into more structured work environments.

With that said, it is more likely that the latest young employee generation is just getting very used to having what we want. Not only that, our addiction to personal technology is only getting stronger, and much like a drug addiction, we are willing to sacrifice our financial buoyancy to satisfy our needs. The increasing inter-connectivity of workers across the world is a good thing, and a natural byproduct of a globalizing world, but will it warp how businesses are trained to be run in the long term? Could this heighten the strain on already tenuous global economic conditions?

[Infographic source: Cisco via Mashable]