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Do you think the term social media is outdated now?

My friends tell me my forte is semantics.

The semantics of semantics is the meaning, or an interpretation of the meaning, of a word, sign, sentence, etc. See, it’s true. The semantics of social media seems to be a raging debate these days in the circles of the like. The term social media, to me, is the commonplace for individuals and business using the internet, its tools and platforms to communicate. The social part of it is that there is sharing and the media part of it is that there are tools to inherently sell an individual or a business. The network of tools and information available from the internet has grown exponentially beyond the infancy of those two words. There are countless ways to communicate now and the early adopters out there are finding new ways to use the medium to tell us their story. So, why is it that we still need to specifically label this form of new world communication? Is it because there is a need to normalize everything?

Do we need to create compartments anymore?

There are countless statistics and infographics and infinite ways to measure the phenomenon of social media and as more and more content is created the need to compartmentalize it all is emerging as a means to explain its relevance. Are you a corporation, an entrepreneur, an activist, an artist, a writer, a rebel, an introvert or a philanthropist? Who knows? What we do know is the list of contributors is too long to define. Or do you even need to be defined? Is the need to fit into a compartment purely because it is considered normal? Has the compartmentalization of the social media phenomenon matured beyond its label or is it still burning at the edges of creation?


Is unique individuality the new black?

In this 2011 fall season, in fashion circles, the new black is maroon or wine. Watch the conformist masses flock.

The internet and the abundance of channels, platforms and tools have begun to revolutionize the individual. That is the key and with this opportunity creative people will continue to offer value to the virtual world by building communities of like-minded individuals, whatever their interests. These communities are becoming the future of collaboration and will likely drive the future of commerce. Mass interest in a topic, concept, product or idea will continue to break down into groups where individuals with similar culture, interests and values will continue to amalgamate to build their unique common vision. The tools available to us have revolutionized the way we engage each other and the commercialized social media label is slowly disintegrating. The world of economics, politics, culture, education, psychology, communications, etc, etc will never be the same and this new form of commerce will continue to revolutionize the way the world interacts.

Where do we go from here?

The great thing is that the path and options are limitless. We are all individuals. We all have ideas. We all have a voice. Use the tools you have available to you and express yourself, stand up and show the world who you are. Be true to yourself. Use this gift. Build your community.

What’s your idea?