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Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse [Infographic]



I have spoken in depth to friends about the potential of a ‘Z-Day’ (or a ‘zombie apocalypse‘) and with a recent media trend towards zombies, it seemed eerily coincidental to me (a bedroom conspiracy theorist). Walk around central London and you will see telephone booths scattered around with raging zombies pasted onto them. The name of the game that the image is advertising is fairly concealed and it begins to look like a means to get us all used to the face of our our potential enemies.

I understand that that is completely far-fetched and in no way true, but despite that it is always best to remain prepared for anything. I recently read that if you are equipped for a zombie / z-day scenario, you are most likely to withstand almost all other moments of apocalyptic terror above anyone else. Pimsleur Approach have given the starting blocks for us to examine zombie survival in this well-crafted informational graphic on ‘Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse‘:

We love interesting research, especially since our language learning products are based on research by Paul Pimsleur. So we were excited when we saw that research in necroneurology identified several key features of zombie behavior. Below is the science of surviving the zombie apocalypse.