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Besides looking great, what do Jason Mraz, Demi Moore, Jack Lalanne, Carol Alt and Sting all have in common?

They are Raw Foodists, which says they eat 75 -100% live, highly nutrient organic foods, uncooked, daily. Eating living foods is a fast and easy way to become and stay healthy with fresh fruits, veggies, sprouts, seeds, nuts, grains, beans, dried fruits and plants from the ocean like seaweed.

The green drink is one of the most popular meals. There are many variations to try and green drinks are the fastest way to infuse your body with nutrients for energy because chlorophyll is the powerhouse ingredient that adds oxygen to your blood.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, heart surgeon and regular health expert on Oprah, introduced his favorite green drink on her show; click for ingredients.

Dr. Oz notes, “A concentration on nutrition is becoming the next wave of awareness. It’s true in Ayurvedic and Chinese traditions, what you eat is a very important part of how you think.”

When juicing or eating fresh foods, choose and consume organically grown produce. The taste is sweeter because it is grown without toxic chemicals. Pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers are harmful to your body and are used on conventional produce.

Dr. Gillian McKeith a respected American-trained and London-based nutritionist, draws on many disciplines including Chinese medicine.  Dr. McKeith encourages people to increase the amount of raw food in their diet but argues that you have to find the right balance. Her book is titled, Dr. Gillian McKeith’s Living Food For Health.

A growing segment of the raw food movement is sprouting seeds, nuts, beans and grains. Sprouting makes them edible without cooking and they are packed with live enzymes and energy (protein) nutrients. Raw organic beans are economical and it’s a simple process to sprout.  Rise, soak and sprout. The complete process takes 3-4 days, letting nature do its thing. According to Dr. McKeith, when the US military commissioned food scientists to come up with a protein alternative to meat and dairy products during the Second World War, sprouts were voted the best substitute.

A Green Smoothie courtesy of:

Sprouting and green drinks sound so healthy but how does it taste? I attended a sprouting class in Venice Beach, CA, that a Kangen alkaline water distributor was teaching. Leila Jean Levi, introduced us to 14 different sprouts that all tasted distinctly like the veggie. Radish, broccoli, alfala, adzuki and clover, to name a few. As Leila says, “If God did not make it, do not eat it.”

After the intro to sprouts, Lelia began to prepare a three course dinner that turned out to be an amazing meal. Starting with a green drink appertizer that included 9.5 alkaline water, a bunch of baby greens, spinach, celery, clover sprouts, ginger, an orange and mango. This was such a delicious way to start a meal.

The main course was a baby greens and sprouts salad with a sensational fresh dressing made with sesame oil emulsified with 11.5 alkaline water, onion, ginger, garlic, cilantro, sea salt, radish sprouts and a red chili. My taste buds were loving the natural flavors when the third dish arrived. Raw kelp noodles with Adzuki and Mung Bean sprouts, covered in a fresh young coconut dressing. The taste was savory with pieces of fresh young coconut, coconut manna, red chili, onion, garlic, parsley and sea salt. The meal was yummy, the flavors were tantalizing and the food was totally satisfying. The most amazing of all, nothing was cooked.

So here’s the science, “Our bodies produce a finite number of enzymes,” according to biochemist and nutrition researcher Edward Howell, M.D., whose book Enzyme Nutrition: The Food Enzyme Concept (Avery 1985) is considered the bible of the raw-foods movement. “Cooked food is devoid of enzymes (heating above 112 degrees, which is well below normal cooking temperatures) and requires the body to expend metabolic enzymes for digestion. This depletes the body’s reserves and causes us to age faster and succumb more easily to disease. Raw food retains these precious enzymes that aid in the digestion process, allowing the body to conserve its enzyme reserves and maintain good health.”

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If your diet is rich in sugar, meat and caffeine you might experience mild headaches, nausea and cravings that only last for several days when starting a raw good diet. “These symptoms are due to a buildup of toxins from the standard American diet,” (SAD) says Valerie Simonsen, N.D., who has a naturopathic practice in Maui, Hawaii. “The toxins prevent the digestive system from working optimally. As the body clears the toxins, the raw foods are more easily absorbed and assimilated, leading to better digestion and greater overall health.”

Green for Life, 2nd Edition, author Victoria Boutenko includes many tasty recipes for green smoothies (video below) in her books and she also talks about the science behind your healthiness. I made my first green drink the morning after the class and have continued everyday since.  Let the blender do the chewing and you drink the live nutrients that give you natural energy.  I also grab a handful of organic raw black walnuts to munch on adding more protein to my portable meal.

”In nature, all animals eat living foods,” wrote the raw-foods pioneer T.C. Fry, ”Only humans cook their foods and only humans suffer widespread sickness and ailments. All the diseases of civilization, cancer, heart disease and diabetes, are all directly attributable to the consumption of cooked food.”

Just because the world is toxic, doesn’t mean you have to be. You can increase your life energy with fresh, natural, living foods that increase your health IQ. The idea is to intergrate raw foods during your day, starting with one meal being totally raw and eating something raw at each meal.

It’s so easy and here are 15 Green Smoothies in 3 min Video

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15 Green Smoothies Recipes

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