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    Keerthikumar: Privacy should be safe guard,expose everything is bad,there is no life,in military privacy is must again i nuclear technology it...

    Posted on: Here's Why You Should Care About Privacy...

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    Alexander: This is mega interesting. Do you think windpower is a viable power source in comparison to say solar. Also, have...

    Posted on: The Environment Is Being Salvaged: European Wind Power Saved 1.2 Billion Cubic Litres Of Water In 2012.

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    Alexander: Anyone coming across this now, should check out the discovery of Kepler 186f, which you can read about here:

    Posted on: Discovering Planets In The Goldilocks Zone

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    Candler Vinson: I hope Facebook comes up with an idea for Oculus Rift as good as this one! I kind of doubt...

    Posted on: We Are On The Cusp Of A Golden Technological Age

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