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People of all callings; read, write and share. It’s time to unite with those that actually care.

Our goal is to make news and media spotlight the issues that matter to all humanity – not just a fraction of it.

We’ve decided to look at solutions, because we’re sick of sensationalism that harnesses the negative. Instead, we want smart healthy conversation that is sensational.

Does that sound good to you?

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Who are the Core Team?

The team driving Urban Times forward are all awesome, even if we say so ourselves. We are a bunch of people that want to see positive change across the planet in all aspects of life.

Alexander Phillips

Alexander Phillips Founding Father

Alex is constantly thinking about the issues that shape the world, as well as the overlooked solutions might just save it. He heads up the content team, is responsible for expanding UT's network of writers, thought-leaders and media partners, and is passionate about sustainable business development. When he's not working, reading sci-fi, or obsessively watching movies, he'll be out making friends who want to change the world too.

Charlie Hilton

Charlie Hilton Founding Father

No, Charlie did not bite anyone’s finger but he does lead design, UX, business development and marketing. More importantly, Charlie adores elephants, typography and making Hip Hop beats. With a background in the built environment, he often lends his hand as a managing editor of Cities content.

Rory Gilchrist

Rory Gilchrist Chief Technology Officer

The head techie. Rory has built the site single-handedly and is well ahead of his years in the quality of his abilities. His code wizardry is the envy of all other startups.

Rory is also the resident Chelsea fan.

Bruce Rothberg

Bruce Rothberg Managing Editor of Politics

Activist, writer and terrible singer, Bruce overcame the hardships of being a Manchester City fan to reach the heady heights of Leeds University and is now responsible for recruiting, training and managing our team of politics writers. He commissions stories, edits articles and schedules publications as well as bravely undertakes feature projects including food reviews, interviews and general site management.

He's probably eating right now.

Afshin Rohani

Afshin Rohani Digital Strategy Lead

A multimedia and marketing specialist with a passion for world-embracing ideas, Afshin's been trying to make the web a more interactive, social and meaningful place since, well...long before #these were around. Let's make news human again.

Ines Cid Blasco

Ines Cid Blasco Managing Editor of Environment

MA in English, food obsessive and avid reader. She is an occasional food expert at Urban Times, an full-time best cake maker.

Margherita Grassi

Margherita Grassi Head of Urban Market

Margherita is a walking smile. She spearheads the work we do on our ethical shop – ‘Urban Market’ – and has created partnerships with over 50 brands. Check it out for yourself, she’s done an amazing job.

William Oppon

William Oppon Managing Editor of Culture

Woppon, and Tinchy Stryder are some of the absolutely hilarious monikers he has been addressed by in the past. Consistently underwhelmed by the world around him, mostly down to being an idealist/supporter of Arsenal FC. This can be altered once given access to sobriety killing materials and/or bass. I can jump up and down too and/or watch cartoons. This coping mechanism was discovered and reinforced whilst studying Sociology at the University of Nottingham.

Michael Osiyale

Michael Osiyale Managing Editor of Culture

A Law graduate who wants to do anything but practice law, Michael is also a closeted nerd, cheesecake enthusiast and recently relapsed Football Manager addict. Positively passionate about all things culture, he has a particular interest in how our popular culture has been shaped by society and vice versa.

Joshua Dedman

Joshua Dedman Managing Editor of Culture

Passionate about urban creativity and the music your parents like, I'm here for all your cultural needs. Geographer, procrastinator and moderate dyspraxic, I'm happiest when standing at the back of a gig frantically trying to keep my foot tapping to the beat.

Kayleigh Board

Kayleigh Board General Editor

Kayleigh is an aspiring author with interests in feminism, rock and roll and films, particularly superheroes! She has a degree in English literature which means a keen eye for detail and grammar! Now an Editor for Urban Times she also continues to contribute to the positive ethos of the site.