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"More than Human" by Tim Flach

British-based photographer Tim Flach, is best known for his beautiful photographs of various animals. What's even more amazing, is the raw emotion he is able to capture in his subjects.

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What’s amazing about British-based photographer, Tim Flach, is his ability to keep his subjects still and capture raw emotions. How he manages to do it still remains a mystery to me, but one thing is for sure though – the results are as poignant as they are beautiful.

Seven years in the making, “More than Human” is a collection of remarkably intimate photographs that showcases human-like gestures and expressions of animals. The series features everything from a featherless chicken to a family of affectionate chimpanzees. It seems to have involved notoriously challenging research and thorough observation. “You can never predict an animal’s mood… so you have to plan beforehand to get what you want”, explains the artist, Flach. In fact, the temperature in the studio had to be carefully adjusted just to ensure the animals’ comfort.  Sometimes Flach and the trainers had to work like circus animal trainers to achieve the desired response. There were also small creatures who got intimidated by the mere height of a man and were therefore raised to an equal level during the process.

Through Flach’s artwork, “not only do we begin to find supposedly repellent creatures charming, but discover a sympathetic vulnerability, an unexpected lightness and humour in their gestures and attitudes.” It also goes to show that there is indeed a fine line between man and animals. Evidently, we are really not that different after all.

Below are some of Flach’s most engaging pieces:


A chimpanzee and its child. (c) Tim Flach.


A family of chimpanzee huddled together. (c) Tim Flach.

this-line-of-photography-is-notoriously-challenging-since-the-behavior-of-an-animal-is-often-unpredictable (1)

Contemplating its next move. (c) Tim Flach.

What is this owl thinking? (c) Tim Flach.


A featherless chicken dance. (c) Tim Flach.


This panda knows how to pose for the camera. (c) Tim Flach.


A tiger furiously shakes its head after being doused with water. (c) Tim Flach.