Back to the Futurist: Anab Jain

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    The fourth post of the Back to the Futurist series is dedicated to Anab Jain. Previous in Series: Liam Young

    Who is Anab Jain?

    Anab is a designer, entrepreneur, TED Fellow and the founder of Superflux, a multidisciplinary design company based in London, UK and Ahmedabad, India. Anab’s passion is creating opportunities and building tools that can lead us towards new and desirable futures. She was educated in India, Vienna and London, and has over seven years experience in interaction and service design, research, filmmaking and speculative design.

    Follow Anab on Twitter: @anabjain


    Which futurists past and present inspire you and why?

    Growing up India, and specializing in film at a design school started by Ray and Charles Eames, I have been hugely influenced by a number of notable image-makers and storytellers who worked to create radical visions of the future.

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    Screenshot from Solaris.