Twitter's 6th Birthday

The Upvoters that cared:


    6 years ago today, Jack Dorsey made his first tweet on twttr which later became the social media behemoth that we flock to each day. In fact, it is reported that around 500 million of us use the service, which has made finding a twitter handle even close to your real name a near impossibility. Unless of course you are called Mary8374_8. Then you should be absolutely fine.

    3 years, 2 months and 1 day into Twitter and 1 billion tweets had been published. It took just under half of that time to get their first 500,000 users signed up. That is massive growth and is a sign of the times for social media with similar patterns sprouting from Facebook, and more recently, Pinterest. In October last year, Twitter reported that they were getting 250,000 tweets a day, let’s hope they send out some more reports soon because I can only imagine that has grown quickly. But how has this all influenced their business and revenue models? The Next Web have the scoop:


    According to eMarketer, Twitter’s advertising revenue is to triple by 2014, hitting over $540 million (up from an estimated $260 million this year). Recently, the company has been paying close attention to the different ways it can derive revenues from all those tweeters. Twitter has also recently added more languages and acquired blogging software maker Posterous. However, with rising headcount costs (over 900 employees today, up from about 400 last year) and costly infrastructure and operations, the company is still reportedly losing a ton of money after its first 6 years in business.

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