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St. Ives Together. Photographer: Chris Romer-Lee

Image of the Week: Place

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    Favela in Rio de Janeiro. Photographer: Chris Romer-Lee

    Waste was thrown from the road above into this chamber and then shoveled through the hole to be bagged up by
    the authorities. The makeshift infrastructure, the graffiti, the fragility of the favela stands in direct contrast to the local authority new wheelie bins.

    Eat In Take Out. Photographer: Chris Romer-Lee

    This is simply New York!

    A New Beginning. Photographer: Chris Romer-Lee

    Taken in Itacare, Brazil. The hope and aspirations for the place was expressed in the mural. I actually have a whole series of Brazil urban murals.

    St. Ives Together. Photographer: Chris Romer-Lee

    St Ives Together was an intimate moment that placed huge significance on this awkward resting place adjacent to the road into St Ives, Cornwall. The shallow depth of field in the shot placed even greater emphasis on the couple as opposed to the picturesque view.

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